The furry ambassador for veterans and service dogs has died

Suicidal thoughts and suicide crisis hotline: Telling Cole and his dog to get their service dog so they can help him with his posttraumatic stress disorder

It is a good idea to contact the 988 Suicide and Crisis Hotline if you are struggling with suicidal thoughts, or if you know someone who is.

Cole Lyle told NPR that his dog’s greatest legacy is veterans who reached out and told him that she inspired them to get their service dog. “And if they hadn’t, they would have killed themselves.”

In order to help with his symptoms of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Kaya was trained to lick his face and wake him up from nightmares. The interventions “help you calm down and kind of breaks the snowball effect of that anger, depression, sadness, whatever it is,” he said.

She was a smart dog from the beginning. “I mean, it only took me two days to potty train her. And she was always very intuitive.”

The airline posted a video saying that Kaya flew with the airline over 250 times and that she helped establish the PAWS Act which benefited veterans with service dogs. “We are so grateful to be a part of her legacy, and we thank her and her owner, Cole, for their many years of service.”

“If it wasn’t for Kaya, I would not be doing what I am doing now,” he said. I didn’t really want to be involved in veteran advocacy. I thought a need needed to be filled when I came up here. Nobody was filling it.

He saw an abnormal growth on her right leg around Christmas time last year. The cancer diagnosis was caused by the discovery and further medical testing. Lyle learned that even medical intervention, including radiation therapy, could only prolong her life for a few more months.

He said he didn’t want her to be in pain, or be stressed out going to veterinary appointments. I made an extremely tough decision to take her home.

He explained to CNN that she was diagnosed with cancer over Christmas and he made the decision to take her to Texas one last time, where she was born and where they spent years while he studied at Texas A&M University. A friend works at Southwest Airlines and worked with them to get Kaya onto the plane in a cart. The staff made an announcement over the radio and urged passengers to show their support for Kaya on her last flight.

“I certainly had no idea the extent to which it would resonate with people, and that people would want to be supportive,” he said. I wanted to honor her in her last few days, and the people that took great care of her, and made her feel comfortable, as well as all the things she’d done for me and for veterans across the country.

A Texas Marine Marine: Spending the Extra Hours with a Service Dog to Help a Veteran with Suicidal Tendencies

After spending time with friends and family at a Dallas bar, Kaya was chauffeured to a number of favorite places in the area, including Texas A&M University, where she graduated. They spent their final few hours together by a pond that had been a favorite study spot of his.

He told her how much he loved her and how much he loved her, over the course of several hours. I wanted her to be happy in the last few hours.

He joined the Marines after graduating high school and was deployed to Afghanistan. He told CNN that he was diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder shortly after returning from deployment. The treatment methods that he was prescribed did not work for him. His mental health challenges were worsened by a divorce and joblessness.

He spent 10,000 of his own money on Kaya, a post-traumatic stress disorder service dog, because he didn’t get funding from the Veterans Affairs. He said that many non-profits that provide veterans with service dogs had wait times of over a year.

In addition to their specialized skills, the service dogs act as a source of support for veterans who suffer from suicidal tendencies. If the dog is looked after, it can provide a sense of purpose.

“I was a little diva”: the story of a girl who worked at a small ergodicity school

He described her as a professional when she worked. But when her working vest came off, “she was a little diva” who loved to play, he said.

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