Owl selfies are flooding the internet ahead of the Super Bowl

Superb Owls: Why owls are so “superb”? A study conducted on the internet by Matt Williams and Seth Magle

Instead of Super Bowl information, one small typo later and your search results are filled with owl content instead. You should lean into the error. owls are “superb.”

The trend of these birds has gained popularity over the years, despite being a far cry from football. There are so many pictures on the internet of owls before the Super Bowl. (And you know what a gathering of owls is called, right? A parliament.

This internet phenomenon puts these feathery creatures in the spotlight, which ultimately aids awareness, said Matt Williams, director of conservation with the Indiana Chapter of The Nature Conservancy.

Their disc-shaped face directs sound to their ears, which allows them to hear the quietest noises, Williams explained. Their feathers are designed to make them almost completely silent when they fly, a useful trick for sneaking up on their prey, he added.

Most owls are content to feast on small mammals like mice and shrews, said Seth Magle, director of the Urban Wildlife Institute at the Lincoln Park Zoo in Chicago.

Source: https://www.cnn.com/2022/02/13/us/superb-owl-meme-super-bowl-scn/index.html

Loud Snowy Owls at the Leslie Science and Nature Center: Where Do They Come From? How Many Owls Do They See?

He said the Rams had a snowy owl of Harry Potter fame because their quarterback Matthew Stafford was a wizard.

The four-note call, which is sometimes referred to as “hup, hoo-sho, hooo”, seems to be an audible call at the line of scrimmage.

An owl event will be held at the Leslie Science and Nature Center on Sunday. The center will have resident owls on display, and people can dissect owl pellets, which are the undigested parts of their meal that they regurgitate.

Charles Eldermire, Bird Cams project leader at the Cornell Lab of Ornithology said that loud barred owls can often be heard making traditional hooting noises.

Eldermire said that great horned owls have catlike eyes and ear tufts. You can see the owls in their nest on a live cam.

The burrowing owl is very different from most owls. The bird spends its day awake and makes it home on the ground, rather than being active at night.

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