If you follow the menu twists your Super Bowl platter may be less expensive

The Good, the Bad, or the Ugly: What’s Happening at Super Bowl LVI? New Predictions from Wells Fargo

There is a lot to celebrate this year other than the halftime show and the Super Bowl, which is right around the corner.

If you host a party, you are likely to pay less than you did a year ago for most of the game-time dishes, except one important one.

While overall food price inflation is up 11.8% over last year, prices on some popular snack items are down just in time for game day, according to a new Wells Fargo Super Bowl Food Report.

Last year at this time, the retail price for whole chicken wings was $3.38 per pound for the week of Super Bowl LVI, according to the US Department of Agriculture’s weekly retail price report.

If you’re grilling, sirloin steak prices have dropped almost $1 per pound and bacon is also cheaper than last year, said Swanson. Shrimp prices were down by over 15% as lower demand pushed them down to $3.78 a pound.

The price of cantaloupes has fallen due to imports from Mexico. In just the last four weeks, some 250 million pounds of fresh avocados have crossed the border, like a big green running back, just in time for kickoff.

Before sitting down to watch the Super Bowl on Sunday, a lot of people will be hitting the supermarket, stocking up on chips and dip and all the other delicious super snacks.

It’s still possible to feed your friends and family at the game without having your wallet taken for a loss in this inflation period.

Super Bowl Meat and Drinks: What Happens When the U.S. Can’t Price Up, Even in the Presence of an Avian Influenza

Chef Oji Abbott expects to serve take-out wings this weekend at his restaurant in Washington, D.C. “You pick it up with your fingers and you’re watching the game. You’re cheering. At the same time, it is easy to do both. It’s just good party food.”

With more people giving and going to Super Bowl parties this year, the National Chicken Council expects Americans to gobble up 1.45 billion wings this weekend, 84 million more than last year.

Chicken and egg production have both been hampered by a widespread outbreak of avian flu. It takes a lot of time to raise chickens for meat, so farmers can recover much more quickly.

Michael Swanson explained that there were two completely different flocks. The eggs got hit very hard. Thankfully for us, the chicken breasts, all the other pieces, haven’t got hit that bad.

Swanson says there are other bargains to be found on the Super Bowl menu, but like a quarterback reading the defense, shoppers have to keep their eyes open and pick their opportunities.

Beer and soft drinks have gone up in price in the last year according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Wine prices have increased less than 4%.

“So maybe some drinks to celebrate the Super Bowl,” says Swanson. Wine is a global market. So the U.S. wine producers are under a lot of competition so they can’t price up.”

Lance Jungmeyer said that the Super Bowl volume was the second highest in the history of avocados. You can’t beat the feel-good, fun time snack of guacamole. It’s really popular this time of year and everyone from grocery stores to the restaurants are trying to capitalize on that.”

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