The driver of the car that crashed says that it happened because of full self- driving by the automobile manufacturer

The Sacramento Highway Patrol investigation of a Tesla car flipped off a cliff in easterlund on Interstate 80 east of the Bay Bridge

CNN Business got the report through a public records request. California Highway Patrol reviewed videos that show the Tesla vehicle changing lanes and slowing to a stop.

The crash occurred about lunchtime on Thanksgiving, snarling traffic on Interstate 80 east of the Bay Bridge as two lanes of traffic were closed for about 90 minutes as many people traveled to holiday events. Four ambulances were dispatched to the scene.

The agency has received many complaints from drivers of autos. Some have described near crashes and concerns about their safety. This summer NHTSA upgraded the investigation to what it calls an engineering analysis, an indication that it’s seriously considering a recall.

The two adults and two children who were in the car had just left the beach when it plummeted off a cliff and crashed on the rocky beach.

“We were very shocked” to discover that people in the car had survived the crash, said Brian Pottenger, battalion chief with Cal Fire’s Coastside Fire Protection District.

“Accidents on that cliff are not rare. He said they responded to a lot of vehicles on that cliff. “What’s rare is that we do not get a lot of survivors – surviving this type of accident is very rare.”

Collision of a Model S Model S on Highway 1 in Tom Lantos, California, near a Tree in Spring, Texas

Pottenger said the car contained an adult male, an adult female, a 9-year-old boy and a 4-year-old girl. The children were both secured in car seats, which remained intact and in place, he said.

A white car, carrying four people, left the road on Highway 1 in the south side of theTom LantosTunnel between Pacifica and Montara. They did not cite a reason for the crash.

“As we were doing that, we were able to notice movement in the front seat through the windshield,” Pottenger said. “So we knew that we had at least one person that was alive.”

The car’s passengers were taken to the medical center. An update on their conditions was not available Tuesday.

They used a rope to get the two children up the cliff. The two adults were pulled into the helicopter by the Highway Patrol.

The helicopter video shows the rescuer being lowered on a cable to the site of the crash.

The probable cause of the Spring, Texas, electric vehicle crash was excessive speed and failure to control his car, due to alcohol intoxication in combination with the effects of two sedating antihistamines, resulting in a roadway departure, tree impact.

On an earnings call later that month, Tesla’s VP of vehicle engineering Lars Moravy said company representatives who inspected the crash determined the steering wheel was “deformed.” The steering wheel’s condition pointed to there being an occupant in the driver’s seat when the Model S impacted the tree, a finding that contradicted local authorities’ accounts.

The data in the recorder of the Model S was used in the report. The Model S was travelling at 67mph in two seconds and was on its way to a full stop when it hit the tree. It was determined that the seatbelts had their pretensions activated. As for the fire, it started due to damage of the front of the battery module.

It appears that the autopilot did not work without someone in the driver’s seat. Additionally, the owner of the Tesla did not have the more advanced Full Self Driving package installed.

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