The American people have a choice in 14 days

Inflation: Bringing Down the Costs of Working Families, Gas Prices and Energy, and the Challenges Our Nation Has Come To an End

We’ve made huge progress over the past two years. My administration, working with Democrats in Congress, is building an economy that grows from the bottom up and middle out.

The unemployment rate has been lower than 3.5% for 50 years. Ten million jobs have been created, including hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs. My watch shows that the slogan “Made in America” is a reality.

We have more work to do. Inflation is driven by the pandemic, and it is a global challenge. I know a lot of people have a job and are still struggling to pay for groceries, gas and rent. I want to lower costs for families.

I’m working to reduce the burden on working- and middle-class people by bringing down the costs of everyday things they need for their families, such as health care premiums, prescription drugs and energy bills. We passed the Inflation Reduction Act without a single Republican vote to lock in lower health care premiums for 13 million Americans and lower prescription drug prices for seniors.

And partly because of the actions we’ve taken – including a historic release from the Strategic Petroleum Reserve – gas prices are decreasing. They are down $1 since their peak this summer and have fallen 10 cents this week. That adds up to real savings.

The Republicans in congress believe that trickle down economics benefit the wealthy and big corporations. They’ve laid their plan out very clearly. It would raise your costs and make inflation worse.

Drug prices have been given the power to negotiate by my administration. We capped out-of-pocket prescription drug costs at $2,000 a year for seniors and capped seniors’ monthly insulin payments at $35 a month. Lobbyists have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to stop health care savings. They failed.


What Paul Ryan has to offer for the American people: Making the Most of Corporate Income Taxes in the State of the Art, and How He’s Going

Democrats are trying to make the largest corporations pay their fair share of taxes. In 2020, 55 of the wealthiest corporations in America paid zero dollars in federal income tax. No longer. I signed into law a 15% corporate minimum tax. No one earning less than $400,000 a year will pay a penny more in federal taxes because of my campaign commitment.

In his first campaign for congress in 2012 Gov. Ron DeSantis said he was against privatization of Medicare and Social Security, allowing political rivals to attack him before he even runs for president.

The fact is, this is not your father’s Republican party: Many Republicans in Congress want to pass a national ban on abortion. I will codify abortion in January if we don’t get more Senate Democrats and keep the House.

America is testing the integrity of its democracy. We are learning what every generation has to learn: nothing about democracy is guaranteed. You have to stand up for it. It must be protected. Have you decided to choose it?

The American people voted in record numbers in 2020, and I am certain they will do the same again. Democracy is a value that both defines us and keeps us together.

We faced several of the most challenging challenges in our history over the past few years and did not relent. And, I have never been more confident about our future. In 14 days, the American people will make a decision.

Former President Donald Trump and Democrats have already signaled plans to weaponize DeSantis’ comments against him, should he announce for president, and subsequent votes in Congress for non-binding budget resolutions that privatized Medicare and raised the retirement age to 70.

“I support what Ryan is trying to do in terms of reforming entitlements. It’s not a voucher, it’s premium support,” he was quoted as saying. You can supplement your own income by getting a plan.

I think proposals like Paul Ryan and others will give some market forces in there, more consumer choice, and make it better so that when you have money, you can spend it.

At the time, he ran as a fiscal conservative with the support of conservative groups like the Eagle Forum and the Club for Growth.

The man who is running for president in 2024 hasn’t said if he is a Republican or Democrat, or stated if he likes to focus on culture war issues.

On Thursday, the president visited Florida to emphasize his support for protecting Medicare and Social Security in the state whose population utilizes these programs more than any other. The senior White House advisor told CNN that the Biden’s visit to Florida will allow him to fight for the repeal of the five year sunset rule for federal legislation like Social Security and Medicare.

“I think people who are low income will probably be given coverage that is similar to what they have now,” he said in the interview with the St. Augustine Record. I think many people like me who have been successful, won’t have to pay more. I will have premium support that’s going to guarantee me a certain amount of coverage.”

If you want a Cadillac plan or something, then I think it should be driven by the consumer, not the taxpayers. “And I just think that that makes sense.”

He thinks that the program should be restructured in a way that is financially sustainable for people in his generation.

After getting elected, one of DeSantis’ first interviews as a newly sworn-in member was on CNN on January 4, 2013, where he said he hoped Congress would take on restructuring entitlements when asked about Social Security and Medicare.

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