The Dallas Zoo believes that 2 of its monkeys were taken after their habitat was compromised

Irvin, the emperor tamarin monkey, and a clouded leopard are charged in two crimes involving a single escapee

According to arrest affidavits, he told police that on the night of January 29 he snuck onto the zoo grounds, jumped a fence, and took the two emperor tamarin monkeys. He walked from the light rail to the vacant home where he said he kept his animals.

The zoo discovered its animals may have been tampered with, including the death of a vulture, in the fourth time this month.

Earlier Monday, the zoo said it would be closed for the day due to inclement weather. The zoo said that the closing was extended through Wednesday because of the ice storm.

Irvin has been charged in two of the odd events over a span of several weeks at the zoo and is linked to another, police said. In the taking of the monkeys, Irvin faces one count of burglary and six counts of animal cruelty — three for each monkey. The clouded leopard named Nova escaped, and he faces a conspiracy charge for her escape. The zoo closed after a cut was found in her enclosure. She was found later that day near her habitat.

While the feline was found close to her habitat later that day, zoo personnel also found a similar cut had been made to the enclosure of some langur monkeys. The monkeys were not in their habitat despite the new escape route. At the time, police were unable to say if the two incidents were related.

The Dallas Zoo is Investigating four disappearing monkeys and a man seen walking on a zoo sidewalk in a crowd of monkeys

But less than two weeks after the first discoveries, a vulture named Pin was found dead in his habitat. Hudson said Pin did not die from natural causes, and that there was an unusual wound and injuries to the bird.

Dallas police are investigating all four incidents. The department is collaborating with the US Fish and Wildlife on the investigations.

The monkeys went missing Monday and were found the next day in an abandoned home in Lancaster, 15 miles from the zoo. They released a photo of a monkey in the closet, standing atop what looked like fencing.

Police released a video and photo of a man they said they were looking for and wanted to interview. The police have not said what they want to speak to him about, but they are asking the public for any intel on the incident.

The surveillance video shows a man walking slowly down a nearly empty zoo sidewalk, looking back and forth as he moves. Another person is seen in the background walking in the opposite direction.

Irvin is charged with six counts of animal cruelty in a Dallas aquarium and the case of a man missing from a broussard enclosure

Irvin, who remained jailed Tuesday on $25,000 bond, was arrested last week after asking questions at a downtown Dallas aquarium about animals there. He is charged with six counts of animal abuse. An attorney who was listed in court records did not reply to the request for comment.

Police said that he was linked to cutting the enclosure for langur monkeys, discovered after Nova vanished, but he hasn’t been charged in that. There were no langur monkeys that escaped.

Police in Louisiana announced Tuesday the arrest of a 61-year-old man in relation to the case of 12 squirrel monkeys that disappeared from their enclosure in Broussard. The missing monkeys have yet to be found, police said.

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