A large amount of acorn was stuffed inside the walls of a California home

Seeing thousands of acorns on social media: “They’re just so heavy,” said Nick Castro, owner of Nick’s Extreme Pest Control

Some people said they felt for the birds that lost their acorn collection when they saw the large one on social media. “Kinda just feel bad for those hard working birds,” one Instagram user wrote. Another joked, “These woodpeckers are more prepared for retirement than I am.”

Nick Castro, who owns Nick’s Extreme Pest Control in Santa Rosa, posted photos on the company’s Facebook page showing thousands of acorns pouring out of a hole in the wall and covering the floor of a room.

This is a 10 on a scale from 1 to 10. Castro said that it was a one in a million chance to find something significant. “I expected to find a few handfuls, nothing like this.”

“We filled eight big black garbage bags. They were so heavy we could barely pick them up,” said Castro. “They had to have weighed at least a hundred pounds each.”

Castro said he found acorn cache in the chimney of the customer’s home when he was inspecting the place for mealworms.

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