Product releases this week are Ouai, outdoor voices and Aarke

Editors’ Picks: Tracking Trends from Top-Sellers to Cosmetics, including Bras and Handmade Handmade Bras

Sometimes editors don’t use everyday products in our comparative pieces, and we test similar products head-to-head. Editors’ Picks are where we highlight products that we personally stand by and use on a daily basis, and think you should too.

In January, we were introduced to a plethora of products, from a magical anti-bark dog trainer to rose-printed pajamas. Some were forgettable, while others left a lasting impression. Because we’re committed to spotlighting the best products out there, we’ve decided to curate roundups of our favorite products we try each month.

There are a ton of great products that drop every week — and we’re here, as always, to keep you up to date on the best of them. Each week, we will put together a short list of our favorites from the last seven days, which will allow you to shop as you sip your morning coffee or take a quick break from work, without having to stay up to date on these things.

The best way to complement your high-design sparkling water maker is with the Aarke glassware set, Ouai’s new dandruff shampoo and the newHarper Wilde bra.

Harper Wilde is known for her bras’ comfort and fit, as well as the Base Unlined. The best of the brand’s Base and Bliss bras are combined into one sleek bra. Think underwire, front-adjusting straps, and style to highlight how your breasts are shaped. Pick from neutrals or ever-Utilitarian black.

The Doing Good Things Holiday Fridge Launches: Looking for a way to give a little extra kick to the YMCA

There is a new fridge in town that is full of nostalgia if you are the kind of person who likes to have a cold drink immediately at hand. The latest edition in the holiday fridge line from Smeg features classics like a front bedecked with an image of Snoopy looking up at his beloved Woodstock, and finally able to fly successfully in a hot air balloon. The price of the compact fridge is $2,200, but can you really put a price on such an icon? Get it from Williams-Sonoma while the fridges are still in stock.

You might know Ouai for the brand’s high-class scents for their shampoo, conditioner and delightful scalp scrubs, but now it’s launched a product perfect for our parched midwinter scalps. There is an anti-dandruff toothpaste that can be made with 2% salicylic acid and other ingredients. It smells great, because of the Cape Town scent the brand uses.

If you’re looking for a gift this season that does more than fill a company’s coffers, Outdoor Voices has just dropped a collection donating all profits to the YMCA’s mission. The Doing Good Things Shortsleeve is made from organic cotton terry and the Doing Good Things Hoodie is made from organic cotton terry. You can also shop the Doing Good Things Crew Sock or Doing Good Things Hat for all-purpose head coverage. You can feel good if you help someone else.


The CNNUnderscoredHP containerized glass from Aarke’s sparkling water makers: a top-notch Amazon product

Rocketbooks are perfect for people who love handwriting their notes (better memory retention!) Who doesn’t love all the paper that these people take up? You just write, upload your notes to the cloud and then reuse the newly erased pages. Now, for those of us who like a little more space, there’s a 60-page Fusion Plus notebook for $40 on Amazon. There are 20 more pages in this version than in the standard Fusion.

Aarke’s sparkling water makers are any thirsty aesthetes’ dream, and the brand just launched a glassware collection so you have a complementary vessel to drink out of. The crystal is fancy. The set of glasses comes with a carafe and a mixing spoon. Plus, for those with small kitchens, the glasses nest inside each other despite their different dimensions — and each has the same volume. Don’t be scared off by the crystal — they’re totally OK to pop in the dishwasher.


The Instant Stand Mixer Pro: A High-Energy, Low-Lying-Tech Desk Designed with Your Apple Devices in Mind

Artifox has been making beautiful furniture for over a decade, and now the modern- and Midwest-minded company has teamed up with tech-savvy Twelve South to create a solid walnut hardwood, limited-edition desk that’s made with your Apple devices in mind. This model has a bone-colored top and hardware that is very different from the wood below so it is well suited for a lot of spaces. The desk has a lot of features that make it look streamlined. There are pegs to hang bags and headphones, a rear notch for a monitor mount, and a dock and grid to keep cords in the back out of sight. You can make it even better by adding your Twelve South stand and gear. It is safe to say that this desk is not your average.

Instant might be famous for, well, the Instant Pot of holidays past, as well as the more recently trending air fryer, but they make way more than that too. What is the latest offering? The Instant Stand Mixer Pro is a newer brand that is not attempting to be the same as the famous KitchenAid mixer. This one is all 2023 with a sleek and minimalist design, a ton of bowl capacity and a digital display. Best of all? It’s 30% off right now on and Amazon.

Hero Cosmetics’ acne patches are the stuff of legend by now — a little sticker and boom, bye zit — but the chin patches the line has just dropped are perfect for covering a little more ground. The set of 10 patches is good for helping with various skin problems, including clearing out blackheads and balancing out the skin on your face. Remove it in the morning if you get six to eight hours of sleep and you don’t have any problems with your skin.


The Project Clifton: An all-gender high-top shoe for all-size running and dilaton competitions at H2O

Hoka’s trainers have always been loaded with eye-catching designs (and a ton of cushioning), and now the brand just launched a new shoe that is made for your everyday life. The Project Clifton has a zip for easy on and off, which is great for running. Plus, it’s an all-gender shoe, so you can bet it will be a crowd pleaser.

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