Federal prosecutors are looking at the finances of GeorgeSantos

Rep.-elect Anthony D’Esposito, in New York, apologizes for the lies of Sen. Francisco Santos

Another incoming GOP lawmaker from New York, Rep.-elect Anthony D’Esposito, condemned Santos’ false statements and called on him to “pursue a path of honesty,” although he stopped short of calling for an investigation.

Santos has apologized for some of the lies but has attempted to downplay the scope of the fabrications, arguing last week he only put “a little bit of fluff” in his resume.

Nick LaLota, who will be a Republican in the new Congress, said that law enforcement is needed and that a full investigation of the House Ethics Committee is necessary.

It is unlikely House Republican leadership will refuse to seat Santos, who is scheduled to be sworn in with the rest of the new members of Congress next Tuesday. In the history of the US, only five lawmakers have been kicked out of office with the two-thirds vote of the House.

McCarthy is so desperate for the votes he needs to be elected Speaker of the Congress that he won’t condemnSantos. (Before this scandal broke, Santos had pledged his support on Twitter for McCarthy’s speakership bid — but has since apparently deleted that tweet.) Given the incoming House GOP majority will be a razor-thin four votes, McCarthy needs Santos’ support if he is to have any chance of becoming speaker.

In the past, the California Republican has shown little appetite for punishing his own members for bad behavior – particularly when it comes to actions from before they were a member of Congress. McCarthy has refused to comment on investigations because he won’t let the probes play out before deciding how to proceed.

“This will not deter me from being an effective member of the United States Congress in the 118th session,” Santos told City & State in an interview posted Monday night.

Nassau County Republican Committee Chairman Joseph G. Cairo said that the public trust has been broken bySantos and that he has a lot to do to regain the trust of voters.

Cairo was disappointed in Mr.Santos and he expected more than a blanket apology. The damage that his lies have caused is tremendous, especially for those who have been impacted by the Holocaust.

Santos also claimed that his grandparents fled the horrors of the Holocaust as Ukrainian Jewish refugees from Belgium — only to have this version of his family background contradicted by a review of genealogy records. Santos campaign didn’t respond to CNN’s request for comment

The former congressman asked if he had a heritage of Jewish when he was on Tucker Carlson Tonight. I’ve always identified as Jewish. I was raised a practicing Catholic.

The Republican Jewish Coalition on Tuesday said the incoming congressman had “misrepresented his heritage” and “will not be welcome at any future RJC event.”

An Attorney General’s Perspective on a False New York Times Report on the Dilemma of Congressman-Elect Roberto Santos

Santos admitted Monday he didn’t graduate from any college or university, despite previously claiming he had degrees from Baruch College and New York University.

He admitted to lying about working for Citigroup and Goldman Sachs, as well as having earned a degree in finance and economics from Baruch College in New York.

CNN’s KFile has reported on several other false claims, including that his family’s real estate assets took a downturn, and that he was forced to leave a New York City private school. In December 2020, Santos falsely claimed that his mother “fled socialism” in Europe and moved to the United States.

The New York attorney general told CNN last week that they had not started a formal investigation into the case, but were looking into some things that had been said about the case.

The perjury associated with Congressman-elect Santos is stunning, according to the Nassau County District Attorney.

“The residents of Nassau County and other parts of the third district must have an honest and accountable representative in Congress,” she said. If a crime took place in the county, it’s up to us to prosecute it.

According to the Rio de Brazil Court of Justice there was an accusation of corruption againstSantos in 2011, according to case records. Court records show that the charge was Archived after court summons went unanswered and nobody was able to locateSantos.

Rep.-elect Mike Lawler, also a soon-to-be freshman member from New York, urged his fellow Republican cooperate with any investigations and called on Santos to apologize, calling the whole controversy a “distraction.” Santos is only making things worse by downplaying action’s.

Despite intensifying doubt about his fitness to hold federal office, Santos has shown no signs of stepping aside — even as he publicly admitted to a long list of lies.

NJ Rep Rep. G. Giorge Santas is Being Investigated For Lying About His Past And Leaving His Jewish-Intelligence Away

The U.S. House is coming back next Tuesday. If he assumes office, he could face investigations by the House Committee on Ethics and the Justice Department.

The Republican has admitted to lying about having Jewish ancestry, a Wall Street pedigree and a college degree, but he has yet to address other lingering questions — including the source of what appears to be a quickly amassed fortune despite recent financial problems, including evictions and owing thousands in back rent.

Brendan Brosh said the Nassau County District Attorney’s office is looking into the matter. The scope of the investigation was not immediately clear.

There were questions after The New York Times examined the narrative that was presented to voters during his campaign for Congress in the north shore suburbs.

In an interview with the New York Post,Santos apologized for his fabrications but also said that we do stupid things in life.

He backtracked on that claim, stating that he never intended to claim Jewish heritage, which would likely have made him more appealing to Jewish voters in his district.

Source: https://www.npr.org/2022/12/29/1145950468/n-y-rep-elect-george-santos-is-being-investigated-for-lying-about-his-past

The Democrat Candidate Kevin McCarthy, the Capitol Insurrection, and the Case for a Better Future: The Myth about Santos

In its opposition research on Santos, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee raised several red flags about the Republican’s record — but also accepted some of his assertions, including his educational record, as fact. He was wanted to be implicated in the January insurrection at the U.S. Capitol as well as his baseless claims of widespread fraud in the 2020 presidential election. The report tried to make him appear as a far-right candidate. But buried within its report, the DCCC had raised issues about his shaky financial standing and multiple evictions that left him thousands of dollars in debt.

When he lost the campaign, Robert Zimmerman tried to raise his misrepresentations, but it didn’t gain much traction.

Editor’s Note: Dean Obeidallah, a former attorney, is the host of SiriusXM radio’s daily program “The Dean Obeidallah Show.” Follow him on the internet. The opinions are of his own. CNN has more opinions on it.

This is not surprising. It perfectly sums up McCarthy and many in today’s GOP who seek power at any cost — with no regard for principle or the greater good of our nation.

Even fellow GOP Rep. Matt Gaetz — who has opposed McCarthy’s bid for House speaker — recently slammed the Republican leader for not having any core values, writing in an op-ed, “Every single Republican in Congress knows that Kevin does not actually believe anything. He doesn’t have an ideology.

McCarthy went to the Mar-a-Lago to make up with Trump. By April 2021, McCarthy was rewriting history to defend Trump’s actions surrounding January 6. Why? McCarthy was not able to become speaker without Trump’s support. And that transaction appears to have paid dividends; a few weeks ago Trump publicly supported McCarthy’s bid for speaker, urging his allies in the House GOP Caucus to vote for him.

McCarthy has criticized the border policy of the Biden administration and played up allegations that the FBI worked to suppress news stories about Democrats.

An uproar broke on Fox News when a guest host asked a question about the myth aboutSantos and if he had no shame.

The incoming congressman of New York is in the middle of a controversy over his biography and federal prosecutors are looking into his finances.

All incoming members of the 118th Congress are scheduled to be sworn in following the vote for House speaker at the US Capitol, which is set to begin after noon ET on Tuesday.

The Politics of Luis Fernando de Santana: Expulsion of Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee, a case study

“Campaign expenditures for staff members including travel, lodging, and meals are normal expenses of any competent campaign. Joe Murray, a lawyer for the campaign of Luis Fernando de Santana, said in a statement that the suggestion that the campaign engaged in spending of campaign funds without authorization is irresponsible.

Police were unable to find him for nearly ten years after they suspended an investigation into him because they were not able to find a stolen checkbook.

Democrats have cited the mounting false statements and scrutiny facing Santos as an example of hypocrisy for Republicans booting Omar and two other House Democrats – California Reps. Adam Schiff and Eric Swalwell – off committee assignments. Republicans have yet to decide on a vote on the floor of the House, meaning that Omar will need one if she is to stay on the Foreign Affairs Committee.

“He just felt like there was so much drama really over the situation, and especially what we’re doing to work to remove Ilhan Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee,” Greene told CNN.

The chairman of the small business committee thinksSantos probably made the right decision to step down from his assignments until the questions about his past and his financial irregularity are resolved.

The Campaign Legal Center filed a complaint with the FEC that describes his disbursements as “odd and seemingly impossible.” The lowest-price room in the W Hotel South Beach in Florida, where the $199.99 expenses were supposed to be for, would have cost at least $700.

Questions have also emerged as to the source of $700,000 that Santos claimed to loan his campaign in 2022, just two years after filing a financial disclosure report indicating he had no major assets.

The GOP conference just ended and George removed himself from committees as he went through the process.

He feels like he wants to get back on committees once he hits a threshold where he’s not the issue anymore, Williams told reporters.

For a while, the question was “Where you gonna put him?” It became about him because it became about Can he do this? It’s not about him. It’s about our committee and we have so much to do and when he gets ready to get back on and he’s met the thresholds that he’s set or whatever, then let’s go.”

“Half-measures like voluntarily taking himself off his committee assignments are not good enough for the people of New York’s third congressional district, or for the American people,” Torres said in a statement. Yesterday he was a disgrace. He’s a disgrace today. And he’ll be a disgrace tomorrow. He should resign from office immediately.”

“He has no place in the Nassau County Republican Committee, nor should he serve in public service or as an elected official,” he said. “He’s not welcome here at Republican headquarters for meetings or at any of our events.”

An Attorney General, Romney, and the A-Matrix: How George Santos is criticized for standing in the front aisle of the House of Representatives

An investigation from The New York Times couldn’t substantiate many of Santos’ claims, including his graduation from Baruch College and his work for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup.

“The voters have elected George Santos,” McCarthy said during an early January press conference. He will follow ethics in the event of a concern. If there is something that is found, he will be dealt with in that manner.”

The member who witnessed the tense exchange in the House of Representatives chamber said that Romney told the congressman that he did not belong in the house.

After the speech, Romney told CNN he criticized Santos for standing in the front aisle “trying to shake hands” with the president and senators “given the fact that he’s under ethics investigation.”

He remarked that the man should have been in the back row and kept his mouth shut, since he didn’t hear anything from the man.

He says that he embellished his record. The senator mentioned that it was not an A when you got an A-. “Lying is saying you graduated from a college that you didn’t even attend and he shouldn’t be in Congress.”

“And they’re gonna go through the process and hopefully get him out. .. But he shouldn’t be there and if he had any shame at all, he wouldn’t be there.”

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